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The Taizhou Luoke Xide Sewing Machine Co., Ltd, was established in the year 1996 and is located in Taizhou, China.

The company has an advanced, high technology production line, with strict quality control and monitoring. Marketing research and innovation help us to maintain our position at the cutting edge of sewing machine development.

The brand positioning of the company aims to provide customers with high quality sewing machines, backed up by first class service and a rapid response to customer needs.

Our business ethos is "quality for survival, innovation for growth." Using the very best high technology from Japan, Luoke manufactures state of the art sewing equipment that provides quality at a reasonable price. Our professional, dedicated engineers continually develop and research new products and assist in providing an after-sales service second to none.

Luoke is always pleased to discuss a customers individual requirements and can produce customized solutions to meet challenging tasks.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Luoke and has enabled us to enter into the international market and become recognized by customers worldwide.

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